Parental Engagement

West Lakes Academy School & Home Integrated Partnership is designed to actively promote and develop positive parental engagement through three structured meetings a year.

The focus of these ‘SHIP’ sessions are to nurture and develop effective parental engagement across all aspects of your child’s education.

Evidence shows the massive positive impact that parental engagement has on education, aspirations and ultimately outcomes and we want to make sure that West Lakes Academy is at the forefront of this for all its stakeholders.

All sessions will follow a set structure and will be shaped by parental input to ensure that they address key areas of need.

  • Session 1: Any answers. To enable us to respond to any parental queries we will spend the first session responding to any questions that have been raised via our online survey. We will group specific questions together into themes so you may not see your specific question answered, however, we will aim to address every question raised.
  • Session 2: Presentation on Pastoral Aspects and developments (one key theme selected and shared before the meeting)
  • Session 3: Presentation on Assessment, Learning and Feedback. (One key theme selected and shared before the meeting)
  • Session 4: Responding to any questions about either session from the evening

To ensure that all parents feel that they can be part of the SHIP we will share the responses to questions, presentations from the evening and minutes from the final session after every meeting via the website.

If you have any questions please contact Barry Simpson, Vice Principal.

SHIP Meeting Minutes

June 26th 2023

13th July 2023