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Meet our Team

Leadership Team

James Jackson


Key Responsibilities:

  • Appraisal
  • Vision and values
  • Academy performance
  • HMI and OFSTED
  • Academy calendar
  • Prospectus and website
  • Academy Development Plan (ADP)
  • STIG
  • Parental engagement

Abby Deeks

Vice Principal

Key Responsibilities:

  • Teaching and learning
  • Staff development
  • Curriculum development
  • Research and development
  • Attainment and progress of SEND students
  • Cover and sickness
  • Homework
  • Teaching English

Barry Simpson

Vice Principal

Key Responsibilities:

  • Raising standards of attainment for all students
  • Co-ordination of all intervention
  • Attainment and progress of boys
  • Examinations
  • Assessment of curriculum
  • Digital innovation and network strategy
  • Teaching science

Melissa Relph

Vice Principal

Key Responsibilities:

  • Personal development, behaviour and welfare
  • Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • Student transitions
  • Tutorial programme
  • Access to the curriculum through reading, vocabulary and numeracy
  • Careers information and guidance
  • Teaching English

Vicky Stabler

Assistant Principal

Key Responsibilities:

  • Attainment and progress of disadvantaged students
  • PEPs
  • Year 7 catch up
  • Educational Visits Co-ordinator
  • Rewards and awards
  • Teaching Religion and World Views

Andrew Haslop

Assistant Principal

Key Responsibilities:

  • Sixth Form
  • Transition Years 11 to 12
  • Sixth form tutor programme
  • Student leadership
  • Attainment and progress of HPA and More Able students
  • Teaching geography

Staff List

Teaching Staff

Mrs Lisa AMOR PE Teacher
Mr Jonathan BAINES ICT Teacher
Ms Kerri BASSO Director of Maths
Miss Kim BECKWITH Head of Science & Technology
Mrs Katie BELL English Teacher – KS3 Co-ordinator, English
Miss Freya BLACKBURN Art Teacher
Mr John BOARDMAN Science Teacher
Mrs Nadia BONNAR Coordinator of SEND Curriculum
Mr Steven BONNEY Maths Teacher – KS4 Co-ordinator
Mrs Rachel BRADLEY Geography Teacher
Mrs Helen BROOKBANKS Head of Department – Science & Professional Mentor
Miss Samantha BROWN English Teacher
Miss Nichola CAPSTICK Director of English
Miss Rebecca CHESHER Head of Department – Music
Miss Ruth CLARKE New NAF Pending – MFL Teacher
Miss Sam DAVIS English Teacher
Mrs Abby DEEKS Vice Principal
Miss Caitlan DOWNTON Maths Teacher
Miss Beth FARRAR Maths Teacher
Mrs Ruth FLETCHER History Teacher
Miss Lois FRANKLAND English Teacher
Mr Paul GIBSON Technology Teacher – Co-ordinator of Engineering
Miss Laura HALL Head of DT
Mr Richard HARRINGTON Business Studies, ICT & H&SC Co-ordinator & Quality Nominee
Mr Andrew HASLOP Assistant Principal – Sixth Form Leadership
Mr David HERBERT Science Teacher (Physics)
Miss Rebecca JACKSON Food Technology & Nutrition Teacher
Mrs Deborah JACKSON Head of Department – Performing Arts
Mr James JACKSON Principal
Miss Gemma JOHNSTON Science Teacher
Mrs Lucy JOHNSTON Art Teacher
Miss Kirsty LAW Maths Teacher
Miss Marion LEGOUEZ Languages Teacher (French & Spanish)
Mrs Rachel LOWREY Head of Department – Art/Photography
Ms Helen McALLISTER Maths Teacher – KS3 Co-ordinator
Mrs Clare MCCONNELL English Teacher – KS4 Coordinator
Miss Helen MCCRORY Head of Department – Languages
Dr Maria MOLINA Science Teacher
Mr Craig MORGAN Maths Teacher
Mr Fleecy MOSS Second in Department – Maths
Miss Katie MUNGO English Teacher
Mr Gregory O’DOWD Coordinator of Applied Science
Mr Alex PRICE PE Teacher
Miss Ellen PRICE Art Teacher
Mrs Rosalin PURDHAM Head of Department – PE & Professional Mentor (maternity)
Mr Chris QUINN Business Teacher
Mr Alexander REED Science Teacher (Physics)
Miss Melissa RELPH Vice Principal
Mrs Ruth RINALDI Head of Department – Maths
Mr Jonathan RUSH Head of Department – History
Miss Kirsty SANDERS Science Teacher – Challenge Coordinator
Mr Kieron SHARKEY Inclusion Manager
Mrs Emily SHEPHERD English Teacher
Mr Barry SIMPSON Vice Principal
Miss Victoria STABLER Assistant Principal – Closing the Gap
Miss Maria STOTT Science Teacher
Mr Jack STUBBINGS PE Teacher
Mrs Jill SUNTER English Teacher – KS5 Coordinator, English & Lead teacher of Digital Technology
Miss Bethan TAYLOR English Teacher
Mr Grant TEBAY H&S/PD Teacher
Mr Neil THOMPSON Head of Department – Geography
Mrs Stacey WALSH Maths Teacher
Ms Siobhain WALTER PD Co-ordinator
Miss Ashley WARREN KS3 Coordinator, Technology
Miss Sophie WEIR Performing Arts & PE Teacher
Mrs Jenny WHITAKER PD/RE Teacher
Mrs Emily WILDIG Maths Teacher
Mr Chris WILKES Humanities Teacher
Miss Isobel WILKINS MFT Teacher
Mrs Claire WILLIAMSON RE Teacher
Mr Jamie WOODCOCK Head of Department – Learning Support – SENCO
Miss Claire WOOTTON Humanities Teacher

Teaching and Pastoral Support Staff

Miss Shaunna BILLINGTON Advanced Apprentice Learning Support Assistant
Miss Nina BIRSCHEL Art Technician
Mrs Tessa BLEASDALE Second in Department – Learning Support
Mrs Diane BROWN Pastoral Head of Sixth Form
Ms Anita CLEMENTS Head of Year 8
Mr Adam CONWAY Advanced Apprentice Learning Support Assistant
Miss Amy COWAN Advanced Apprentice Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Alison COWEN Learning Support Assistant
Miss Jessie COWPER English Teaching Assistant
Miss Kara DAVIDSON Learning Support Assistant
Ms Sara DEVINE Attendance Officer
Ms Kate DUNNE Head of Year 7 & Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Miss Bethany EDGAR Learning Support Assistant
Miss Lesley FELL Inclusion Centre Manger
Mrs Sarah FILLINGHAM Manager of Curriculum Technicians with oversight of H&S
Miss Jenna FYE Senior Science Technician
Miss Bryony HANSEN Librarian
Miss Shannon HARDIE Learning Support Assistant
Miss Georgia KEGG Learning Support Assistant
Miss Jess KELLY Head of Year
Miss Maya KIRKBRIDE Learning Support Assistant
Miss Eilis LIGHTFOOT Head of Year
Mrs Abigail McAVOY Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Stephanie MCBRIDE Science Technician
Miss Lucy MCCOMBE Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Maxine McCOMBE Senior Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Michelle McINTYRE Science Technician
Mr Matthew NEEDHAM Advanced Apprentice Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Karis ORR Inclusion Manager
Mr Aaron PERKINS DT Technician
Mrs Bev PICKERING-SMITH Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Deborah PLEWS Senior Teaching Assistant – Maths
Miss Samantha POWELL Learning Support Assistant
Miss Emily RICHARDSON Learning Support Assistant
Miss Jasmine ROBERTS Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Nicola ROBINSON Senior Learning Support Assistant
Mr Joseph SANCZUK Learning Support Assistant
Mr Coady SCOTT Learning Support Assistant
Miss Eleanor SHAW Disadvantaged Coordinator and Deputy DSL
Miss Laura SINGLETON Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Sally SKELTON Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Kerry STEWART Cover Supervisor
Miss Ellie TAYLOR Attendance Officer
Ms Louisa THORNBER Learning Support Assistant
Ms Karen TUCK First Aid Coordinator
Miss Emily WARD Learning Support Assistant
Ms Ann WEDGWOOD Science Technician
Mrs Gill WHARTON Librarian
Ms Sue WIGHTMAN Head of Year 11
Miss Lauren Sarah WILLIAMSON Learning Support Assistant

Finance and Operations staff

Mrs Sharon ASTIN Food Technician/Midday Supervisor
Mrs Michaela ATKINSON Midday Supervisor
Mrs Corinne BATES Cleaning Operative
Mrs Angela BIRKETT Assistant Site Manager
Ms Linda BROUGHTON Cleaning Operative
Mrs Christine BUCHANAN Academy Support Coordinator
Mrs Christine BUCHANAN Senior Cleaner
Mrs Yvonne BURNEY Academy Support Coordinator
Miss Vicky CASSON Receptionist
Mrs Christine DEACON Finance Officer (Trust)
Miss Michaela DOCKRAY Senior Academy Support Coordinator
Mrs Marjorie DUNNERY Cleaning Operative
Miss Kirby EILBECK HR Apprentice (Trust)
Mr Mark FILLINGHAM IT Service Manager (Trust)
Mrs Denise GALLAGHER Payroll and Finance Officer (Trust)
Miss Sophie HEAL Examinations and Support Officer
Miss Asha HORNSBY Business Support Apprentice
Mrs Jennifer JENKINSON Cleaning Operative
Mrs Sarah JOHNSEN Data and Support Manager
Mr Christopher JOHNSTON IT Technician (Trust)
Mrs Debra JONES Receptionist
Mrs Mandy KEDDIE Senior Finance Officer (Trust)
Mrs Valerie KILBURN Cleaning Operative
Miss Laura LITHGOW PR & Events Manager (Trust)
Mrs Nora McAVOY Cleaning Operative
Mr Carl McCALLIG IT Technician
Mrs Gail McGRADY HR Officer (Trust)
Mrs Angela McGUIRE Cleaning Operative
Mr James McGUIRE Grounds Maintenance/Assistant Site Manager
Mrs Sheila McMINN Finance and Purchase Ledger Officer (Trust)
Miss Kerrie-Ann MELLON Cleaning Operative
Mrs Linda MILTON Cleaning Operative
Mrs Liz NICHOLSON Cleaning Operative
Mr Paul NORDOVICS Academy Support Coordinator
Miss Autumn PICKERING Academy Support Coordinator
Mrs Margaret RIELLY Cleaning Operative
Mrs Carol SCOTT Evening Receptionist
Mr Liam SMITH Network Support Technician (Trust)
Miss Sara THOMPSON Cleaning Operative
Miss Emma THORNLEY Data Assistant