West Lakes Academy Prospectus

WELCOME TO WEST LAKES ACADEMY West Lakes Academy Multi Academy Trust is succeeding in ‘Changing Lives Through Learning’. Our goal is to provide the best possible educational opportunities for the young people of West Cumbria. We are fully committed to being a fully inclusive, aspirational, high achieving centre of world-class educational standards, firmly rooted in the local community. We have excellent levels of academic achievement, that places us among the top 20% of schools in the country. Many of our students successfully move on to university, apprenticeships or their chosen career. We can provide your child with the education they need for a successful and happy future. JONATHAN JOHNSON, Chief Executive West Lakes Multi Academy Trust West Lakes Academy is an exciting, dynamic and inclusive school with high expectations and great ambitions for every one of its students. We believe that discipline, effort and common purpose are essential in life and education, and that working closely with parents and the local community is essential if we are to be the best school possible for every child in our care. We have an outstanding academic track record, but we never stand still and are always looking to improve. We believe in ‘Changing Lives Through Learning’. Our aim is to be a school where students feel safe and happy and that during their time at West Lakes they will receive the best educational experience possible. They deserve the best and will be supported by a team of staff working together to help them achieve everything they need for a successful and confident future. JAMES JACKSON, Principal B C

YOUR CHILD’S PATH TO SUCCESS We have high expectations of all our students and our highly skilled and enthusiastic staff will encourage your child to have strong ambitions and work hard to achieve these. The academy has a two year key stage 3 programme. At key stage 4 students will have the opportunity to study for the E-Baccalaureate. After key stage 4 many of our students move into our Sixth Form which is bigger, better and more successful than ever. Our programme of study is personalised to meet students’ individual needs and we have designed our curriculum to make your child’s move from primary to secondary education an easy one. Whilst making sure we nurture students’ talents, we also make learning interesting and enjoyable through six 55 minute lessons a day. Our key stage 3 programme aims to raise the ambitions of all our students, develop their knowledge, skills and understanding and help students to have confidence in their abilities. We are committed to providing a challenging programme of study and opportunities, both inside and outside of the classroom. In achieving all this, our aim is to give our young people the skills and qualifications they need to succeed in the 21st century. “The teachers at West Lakes Academy are the most important resource to the school; they provide motivation and engaging and interesting lessons. The facilities are excellent and students are always pushed to their full potential. We all feel safe and cared for at West Lakes Academy; it’s a great place to learn & grow.” - Student Feedback D E

YOUR CHILD’S PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT As well as helping your child to meet their academic potential, we also want your child to develop as a well-rounded individual with confidence, social skills and a wide range of interests. There are lots of opportunities to join after-school clubs for music, dance, science, cooking and sport to name just a few. Your child will also have the opportunity to take part in residential trips, for example to Langdale and France. Students can also take part in the national performing arts ‘Rock Challenge’ competition. In previous years the academy has enjoyed huge success; in 2018 the academy won the Northern Regional Final and came second in the National Championship. All of this helps your child’s personal development so that they leave the academy with the desire and ability to play a successful part in society. OUR OUTSTANDING FACILITIES Students at West Lakes Academy benefit from some of the best ICT, Apple Mac and Apple iPad facilities, a £300k engineering facility, a dedicated performing arts suite and an eco-pod science lab. Not only do we offer your child access to these fantastic resources but they are all based in our £26m state-of-the-art building. This excellent environment helps to keep motivation and morale high and allows us to deliver modern approaches to learning, using the latest technology. “The teaching staff have encouraged my son to try new things and as a result he has developed confidence which has been key to the progress he has made during year 7.” - Year 7 Parent Feedback SPECIALISMS IN SCIENCE & THE ARTS The academy’s specialism in science is supported by its sponsors, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Sellafield Ltd and UCLan. Their significant investment means we can offer students outstanding science facilities and our science curriculum is enhanced by their expertise. Students are able to spend time working with scientists from local industry both in and out of school. All students are able to develop their skills in the arts. We encourage all of our students to express themselves through a variety of media such as paint, dance and music. F G

OUR COMMUNITY We place great importance on working in partnership with parents. We have high expectations of parental engagement in their child’s education particularly with homework, listening to their child read and providing them with a suitable environment in which to do their homework. We also enjoy a successful partnership with parents in making sure that students meet our high standards of appearance and discipline. Our community stretches further to include local people and residents, businesses and voluntary groups. Students play an active role in their community through fundraising and voluntary services. Our Student Council has representatives from within each year group who work both within the academy and outside in the local community. OUR SKILLED STAFF Students at West Lakes Academy are taught by a team of skilled and enthusiastic staff in every subject area. Our focus is on developing outstanding teaching and learning and delivering excellent lessons. We are committed to attracting and keeping high quality teaching and support staff dedicated to your child’s success. Our recent designation as a Teaching School emphasises our commitment to this. TRANSITION We pride ourselves in offering a complete worry-free transition process for all our new Year 7 students. We provide as much reassurance and information about the new school year as possible so that each student receives a smooth, happy and seamless start to the next chapter of their academic life. Staff from the academy visit students in their primary schools throughout their time in Year 6, making time to talk to their class teachers. During the summer term students are invited in to the academy for a day. There is also the opportunity to take part in our summer school, which allows our new students to settle into the academy and feel part of the family before they join us in September. “North Lakes Foodbank are delighted to be supported by West Lakes Academy; the pupils are now managing their own donation point and are building a great relationship with the Egremont Centre where I’m always happy to welcome students who wish to volunteer with us to gain experience in working for their local community.” - Kay Corkill Egremont Centre Manager North Lakes Foodbank CHALLENGING ALL STUDENTS The academy is committed to giving a personalised learning experience to all of its learners. As a result of this, we recognise the need to provide extended provision for those learners whose mindset is already sufficiently resilient. In all subjects across the academy, we aim to ensure that students achieve the highest levels of attainment and make exceptional progress in their time here. We endeavour to provide a stimulating learning environment, set challenging tasks and regularly review learning with our students. We enrich provision beyond the classroom by providing a wide range of extra-curricular activities, visits and enrichment opportunities. Core provision for students is through quality teaching in the classroom. Staff training is provided regularly to update and further develop classroom practice. H I

PASTORAL CARE West Lakes Academy is a caring and welcoming school. We have a pastoral system organised on a year basis, which provides support for students in many ways. Students are placed in tutor groups which have a form tutor who will stay with their group throughout their first five years at the academy. Tutors get to know their students well and are able to provide individual advice and encouragement. Each year group is led by a non-teaching head of year, who takes a close personal interest in the welfare and progress of students. Additional support will be provided through a peer mentoring scheme or via our student prefects. It is very rare that a student experiences a bullying issue and we have a rigorous Anti Bullying Policy which was led by our students. We believe in providing opportunities for all, and have a positive Equal Opportunities Policy. At the academy everyone is encouraged to achieve their full potential regardless of background or gender. You can see the results of this reflected in the achievements of our students in examinations and awards. YOUR CONTACT WITH THE ACADEMY We believe that good links with parents are vital to help children succeed. We have established a pattern of parents’ evenings and hold a tutor evening at the start of term for parents of Year 7 students. We inform parents of academy events and report regularly on progress and targets. We like to celebrate our students positive achievements through our termly reward celebrations and also through regular phone calls home or via our website and social media. Teachers give termly updates to students and parents. This information is based on the targets set for every student based on thorough analysis of key stage 2 data. We ensure targets are challenging and all students are supported in achieving these aspirational targets. We report on whether they are on track to reach these targets using the professional judgment of teachers in key stage 3 and key stage 4. Our website is updated regularly with news, important notices, upcoming events and academy policies and procedures. Parents are encouraged to regularly visit the website and familiarise themselves with the information available. LEARNING SUPPORT Staff in the Learning Support Department work with those students who need additional support within school either academically, socially, emotionally or physically. This support is largely offered within mainstream classrooms to ensure that all students are able to access inclusive learning at an appropriate level. Tasks may be modified or differentiated for individual students. Students are also supported at social times if appropriate. The students’ needs cover reading, writing, spelling, numeracy, understanding, communication, self-esteem, self-confidence, behaviour, hearing impairments, visual impairments, co-ordination and mobility. At key stage 3 most support is provided within mainstream classes by learning support assistants who work closely with the class teachers. The curriculum may be modified or differentiated for these students. Some one to one and small group work is also carried out when this is thought to be appropriate. PRAISE STRUCTURE We have a culture where praise, rewards and achievements are accepted and celebrated across our five values of achievement, respect, resilience, appreciation and freedom. We regularly reward students for a wide range of activities, both academic and pastoral, through our reward system at the academy. We have our own Rewards Shop here on site and students select the prizes that are on offer. Each week, members of staff nominate their ‘Subject Learners of the Week’, ‘Tutor Star of the Week’ and our Principal selects his ‘Principal’s Learner of the Week’. Students love receiving these rewards and getting praise from their teachers and tutors. Achievements are also celebrated through a wide variety of mediums, including our website, social media accounts, newsletters and local press. We also hold our Annual Awards event at the end of the year to celebrate and reward the achievements of our students. This is a formal evening attended by our staff, Governors, students and their families. J K CHANGING LIVES THROUGH LEARNING

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