Let’s get active for World Mental Health Day 2018 was on 10th October, to support this and promote positive mental health among our staff and students we were out all week taking the World Health Organisation’s advice to ‘get active’.

Year 9 kicked the week off followed by year 8, year 11 had the best of it weather-wise with their Wednesday session, when we were also treated to a visit by one of our governors, Suzanne, who popped by to join in.

Year 7 really gave their all for it despite the rain and really enjoyed their laps of the tennis courts and their netball shoot-out.  Lydia from year 7 says ‘it was really fun to get out the classroom and do some exercise in the middle of the day – it really clears your head’.  Isaac said ‘it was good to get out and get fresh air and just focus on the exercise rather than other things’.