West Lakes Academy has been celebrating World Down’s Syndrome Day (WDSD). Grant Tebay, Learning Support Assistant at the academy, helped to organise the day. He said “we wanted to help raise awareness and help others understand more about Down’s Syndrome and to do this we’ve had to #RockOurSocks. Students and staff at the school have worn their funky bright colourful socks in order to promote conversation and explain to others why Trisomy 21 is celebrated on the 21st of March.

Layton Telford, a Year 7 student, said “I am really happy that people have worn their colourful and wild socks today. It makes me feel nice that my friends want to help me raise awareness about Down’s Syndrome”. Layton’s sister, Ashton Telford, Year 10, said “it’s important that we celebrate WDSD because we need to raise awareness. Layton is a massive part of my life and has helped make me who I am today. I think it’s amazing to see everybody at West Lakes Academy treat Layton no differently to anybody else”. “ Maddison Hewer and Tegan Pattinson added “It’s so important that people can see individuals with special needs achieve, it makes me feel really emotional!”

Students and staff have enjoyed celebrating today. Grant added “we’ve had fun and some very strange looks about our socks!”