As in previous years we will hold the uniform day with our uniform supplier Identity on a Saturday at the Academy. This year it will be on June 16th  

There will be staff from Identity available to give advice, there are changing facilities available for children to try on the uniforms. You pay on the day using cash or credit card and there will be lots of stock so that you should be able to take most items away on the day.  Some items may need ordering and these will be delivered in good time for the start of term in September.

In addition to the required uniform items – blazers, ties and PE shirts – there will also be optional items available which you can buy from Identity if you wish. These include shirts, trousers, skirts, hoodies and a new item, beanie hats at £7.99 each with a reflective material included in them to improve visibility in the winter mornings and afternoons.

In the morning all students from Primary Schools will be invited with personal invitations sent to each family advising the time for them to come.

In the afternoon students from the other years are welcome to come.  We would prefer you to come at the following times please:

2pm to 2.30pm            Year 8

2.30pm to 3pm            Year 10

3pm to 3.30pm            Year 9

3.30pm to 4pm            Year 7

If the times shown above are not convenient you can come at other times.

We are pleased to confirm that the prices of all uniform items have been held at last year’s prices.