Homework Club takes place after school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights until 5.00pm in the library.

Homework Club is a quiet place where students can do their homework without disruption and with access to a wide range of resources including full ICT and printing facilities.  There is support for learning and teachers are available to provide extra assistance as required.  Regular attendance at Homework Club and handing all homework tasks in on time is rewarded with Vivo points.

We endeavour to maintain a relaxed but purposeful and supportive atmosphere at Homework Club.  In order to achieve this we are only able to accommodate students who are engaged in a learning task, and students who do not bring anything to complete, or who are disruptive will be asked to leave.

The club is run on a drop in basis, therefore students do not need to ‘pre-book’ and are free to leave at any time.  Please be aware that students must agree their own arrangements with their parents to get home.  Homework Club operates a signing in and out system in order to ensure the safety of students.