Personal development takes place at academy

Students at West Lakes Academy recently took part in SMSC Day – spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness – to aid personal development. They worked in tutor groups on a range of fun and informative activities focused on important issues and life skills.

Alongside LGBT issues and British identity, the sessions covered alcohol awareness, stress management and first aid.

Ms Walter said, “As diversity and identity evolves, students need to be educated allowing them to develop their own informed choices and opinions. The day also provides the opportunity for our students to learn new knowledge and skills with the support of many providers including the Fire Service, First Responders, Police and The Proud Trust, which will hopefully support them throughout their lives making them more resilient, informed and more able to cope in the challenges they face in the future.”

Community first responder volunteers worked with Year 8 students to show a variety of accident and emergency practices and procedures. These included learning the recovery position, CPR and training on how to use a defibrillator.

While pupils in year 12 looked at life skills which would equip them for life after school – either at university or entering the world of work.

Life skill activities included a food challenge, cooking healthy meals on a budget, money management, fire safety and car and road safety as our students approach the age in which they can drive.

The academy’s media studies students have created a special edition student newspaper and a video report about the event.

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