To help raise the profile for vocabulary, across the academy all year groups were asked to create something that represented the concept of tier 2 and tier 3 words during literacy time in tutor. Tier two words are the vocabulary we would use across the whole curriculum, whereas tier 3 words is language associated to a particular subject.

There were many fantastic entries, ranging from a beanstalk to a robot! However, the final winners of the project are Amy Whyte, Mary Jane Cooper and Robyn Henderson from 8LCL who will be awarded 50 merits each for their fantastic enthusiasm and effort for the project.

When asked about how they came up with their creative project they said: “When Mrs Campbell told us about the literacy project, we decided to work together as friends. We originally came up with the idea of making a tree when we saw Miss Walter has a vocabulary tree in her tutor room. We also thought it was a good idea as we are currently learning about rainforests in geography. By placing tier 2 words in the shrubbery, like ‘explain’ and ‘evaluate’, and tier 3 words at the top of the tree we aimed to symbolise that tier 3 words are of a higher level and more sophisticated. We are delighted we won the project – we can’t believe it!”