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Personal Property

The Academy does not accept responsibility for the loss, damage or theft of valuables brought onto the premises. It is recommended that personal property, including musical instruments, should be insured by parents, either as part of the household insurance policy or under a separate policy. Students may bring mobile phones and iPods into school but these must be turned off in lesson time. Under no circumstances may students take photos or videos on the premises. Students misusing their mobile phones or listening to music in lesson time will have their property confiscated.

If students bring valuables into school, they remain responsible for their safe keeping. If an item is lost, damaged or stolen the Academy will not spend time or resources seeking out the culprit(s) but anyone that is caught stealing or damaging the property of others will be punished.

The Academy will not accept responsibility for any valuables that are brought on to the premises even if they are locked away or confiscated.

Students are encouraged to look after their own property. The Academy expects items of uniform and other personal property to be clearly marked with the students’ names.