"West Lakes Academy is a good school." - OFSTED 2013
"Examples of outstanding teaching were seen in many subjects including in English, mathematics and science." - OFSTED 2013
"Students are increasingly proud to be a part of the academy." - OFSTED 2013
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Partnership is at the heart of the Academy and parents are always encouraged to get involved in their child’s learning. Well-qualified and trained staff report on progress three times a year through our Updates system and an annual Academic Review Day, for which parents have a definite appointment, provides more information. Children who are supported at home tend to do better in school, so we will work together to secure this for your child. To maintain a disciplined environment it is important for parents and staff to support the academy’s code of behaviour, which is characterised by values you would wish in your own home: politeness, consideration and respect.

Homework or ‘Home Learning’ is important. It develops independent study skills, and students who study well at home often perform best in exams. Homework is set for everyone and parents are asked to help ensure it is completed properly and on time. Similarly, the work set will be marked by staff, encouraging further success. A published work diary reinforces this partnership.

Facilities at West Lakes Academy are being transformed from those of the predecessor schools and will ensure that everyone has the space and equipment they need to make learning exciting and successful across the new curriculum. Green spaces and play areas are being enhanced and these were planned in consultation with students and staff, working closely together through our full Academy and Year Councils. Our all-weather sports area is popular, encouraging a healthy lifestyle and skills development in games and physical recreation. Most importantly, students at the Academy benefit from a full team of enthusiastic and skilled staff in every subject area. It is this that determines the success of our academy. For example, the development of well rounded individuals with broad interests is as important as academic achievement at West Lakes Academy.

Extra curricular activities such as after school clubs and study trips encourage this. Many departments, including Drama, Modern Languages, Music and Geography, provide such opportunities, all designed to enhance the effectiveness and enjoyment of learning. The PE department offers extra sessions in football, athletics and other sports including climbing.