A group of 11 Year 9 students have successfully completed an eight week learning and development programme.

The Future Pathways programme is ran by Morgan Sindall, Inspira, Copeland Hub, Cumbria Constabulary and Whitehaven Harbour Youth Project and provides a variety of classroom and outdoor activities each week focusing on a different area of learning and development.

Each session in the eight-week programme helped enable the students to develop skills to support them in the next stage of their learning and through to the world of work. They were challenged to take part in activities that pushed then out of their comfort zones, help develop their critical thinking, engage in team work and enhance their social skills.

Head of Year 9, Mrs Brown said, “The group helped tidy Whitehaven harbour via kayaks, tried abseiling and made campfires as well as learning archery and other skills.

As part of the course they also had to take part in a community day.  As a group they chose to attend Castle Mount care home in Egremont.  They took part in lots of activities and games, helped to decorate cakes, chatted to the residents and tidied the gardens and garage.  One resident even said that meeting the students had restored their faith in the young people of today.”

Mrs Brown added, “The course culminated with the group giving a presentation to an audience of family and invited guests; a daunting prospect even for the most accomplished of speakers.  From the little group that first got together in early September, who said that they couldn’t speak in front of a group people, they delivered their presentations successfully and with confidence.

What a journey these students have been on!  It has been with pleasure and pride that I have watched them grow in confidence, independence and enhance their social skills.  They have been excellent ambassadors for us.”

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Well done: Cain Coan, Cian Jackson, Cain Tubman, Liam Beeley, Ty Hunter, Jake Close, Coby Wightman, Katey Quayle, Naomi Dobbin, Annimae Tinnion, Faith Curwen.