The academy recently hosted its end of term rewards day to celebrate students’ success and achievements in their first term this year at the academy. Throughout each term, students can earn reward points from their teachers linked to one of the academy’s student values which are; respect, resilience, appreciation, freedom and achievement. The top 5% of students from each year group for each value were invited along to a celebration event.

Students were presented with their certificates and enjoyed Christmas themed cakes and festive treats. At the end of each celebration assembly the top performing students for each value were presented with a prestigious academy rewards badge and certificate. Among the top performers on the day was Year 11 student Ethan Asbridge who received awards for three out of the five value categories and best in year 11 for those values.

Rewards lead, Holly Donaldson commented, “Throughout the year we hold mini reward days at the end of each term so that students have an event to focus on and are motivated to succeed across the academy’s five values throughout the term. Students loved celebrating with their peers in our performance hall, which was decorated for the event with music from Joe Alderson, Christina Smith, Theo Ancell and Chloe Robinson. We are looking forwards to the Easter event so that students can see their achievements being recognised by the academy again.”