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West Lakes Academy's History department aims to ensure that all students at the school develop skills of critical thinking, incisive analysis, effective oral and written argument, the ability to infer and much, much more.  History is not just a dry series of dates and events (though they do matter).  It is an ongoing process of investigation, analysis, selection, debate and writing.  It is this process which inspires inquisitive, challenging and analytical minds to pursue the subject at GCSE, A level and beyond. History at WLA deals with change over time in a broad political, social, economic and cultural context. By the end of their studies students should have developed a life-long interest in History, an independence of thought and a strong belief in the importance of human rights and tolerance of other interpretations and perspectives.

Key Stage 3

Year 7

Students undertake studies of British and World History 1066-1601.  A traditional focus upon the Norman Conquest is enhanced by the comparison of life in England and China in the 13th and 14th century.  Students get to learn some basic Chinese vocabulary and numeracy skills.

Law and order in the 18th and 19th century is investigated with a criminological and forensic emphasis on cases such as Jack the Ripper.

Year 8

Students currently undertake studies of World War I, World War II and 20th century Modern World History.  Hence issues of women's suffrageand protest; genocide in relation to the Holocaust, contrasted to the Rwandian genocide; the impact and struggle for Civil Rights in the USA; focus and responses to terrorism 1943 to present day are some of the topics included in this curriculum.

Key Stage 4

OCR Modern World History

Paper 1

  • The Cold War 1945-1975
  • Depth Study: USA 1919-1945

Paper 2

  • Britain 1939-1975
  • Controlled Assessment: Nazi Society
Post 16

Exam board: OCR


  • Anti-Semitism, Hitler and the German People
  • Britain, 1483-1529


  • To be confirmed
  • 4,000 word Historical Enquiry - Personal choice following consultation with subject teacher
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