Numeracy Information

Numeracy Support and Guidance

Many initiatives have been introduced this year to raise the profile of numeracy/maths across the academy. There are weekly “Problems of the Week” open to all students and “Maths Fact of the Week” cards displayed in each classroom.  A numeracy guide in the foyer contains full details of these. There is also a numeracy-based challenge that is targeted to key stages, this is on the notice board outside F13 and students receive merits for their efforts.

We are delighted with the success of our Maths Marvels of the Week, recognised and nominated weekly by teachers.  Each student receives 10 merits for their efforts and is entered into a draw with the other Maths Marvel to receive 50 merits.

The academy is also very proud of our Sixth Form Numeracy Prefects who support Year 7 students in tutor time on various numeracy tasks. This year, the prefects applied for the roles, stating why they wanted to become involved and what they could contribute. There are also a number of Year 10 Numeracy Leaders who support Key Stage 3 students during tutor time. The sessions have started very positively this term with prefects and students being very keen to impress.

Numeracy Initiatives

Times Table Rockstars

Some of our Key Stage 3 students are trialling our latest resource – Times Table Rockstars. The resource is designed to improve students’ confidence and speed with their times tables. Each student creates their own rock star name and avatar and practices their times table through quick fire 60 second games. Every correct answer is awarded with coins, which can then be traded in to buy “extras” for their avatars. There is no limit to the number of times a student can play and we actively encourage them to log on in their own time.

Students’ results are entered on to a leader board, which is updated daily. Prizes and certificates will be awarded half termly for the top 3 students. It is early days, but students are enjoying the competitive edge alongside improving their numeracy skills.

Results will be posted on the website! Keep your eyes out to see if your son/daughter features!