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"West Lakes Academy is a good school." - OFSTED 2013
"Examples of outstanding teaching were seen in many subjects including in English, mathematics and science." - OFSTED 2013
"Students are increasingly proud to be a part of the academy." - OFSTED 2013
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Teaching Groups, Class Sizes and Grouping by Ability


In Year 7 students are placed in Tutor Groups of up to 30 and work in Tutor Groups or are grouped by ability to allow for appropriate support and challenge. 


In Years 8-11 class sizes tend to be up to 30 for higher ability students but are considerably smaller for those students for whom more support is required. 


The Academy day starts at 8.30 am and ends at 3.30 pm and consists of six 55 minute lessons split by two breaks one at 10.30 am (20 minutes) and one at either 12.40 pm or 1.10 pm (30 minutes).