Announcement from Team English to all Year 11 Parents/Carers

During winter term, your child completed their mock exams. As part of your child’s reflection process on how well they did in their English exams, Team English have created some questions for both you and your child to answer.

The purpose of these questions is to encourage your child to consider the questions/skills they feel they have done well in, and also where they feel they need to improve.

Therefore, when completing these questions together, your child will need to have with them their mock exams to help them to discuss their strengths and areas for improvement.

The reflection is also an opportunity for both of you to discuss the support they have in English already, and whether there is anything more we could be doing in order for your child to achieve the GCSE grades they deserve in summer.

As mentioned on the reflection sheet, please can your child bring back your responses to their English teacher by Friday 26 January 2018.

Thank you

Parent Questionnaire

Attendance Welfare Officer Letter

Please click here to view a letter from our new Attendance Welfare Officer, Miss Dunne.

6th Form Applications 2018

Round one applications now closed. Late applications will still be considered via the website or on paper. Please contact us for further information if required.

To complete an online application please click here.

New Rewards System

Please click here to find out about our new rewarding system.

End of Term Letter

Please click here to view the End of Term Letter from Mr Johnson.

Sixth Form Applications

The initial closing date for sixth form applications is the 15th December 2017. This is to allow us to organise guidance interviews for all applicants. Please complete an online or paper application. Click here for more details.

West Lakes Academy approved to become a Multi-Academy Trust

West Lakes Academy are pleased to announce that the Regional Schools Commissioner and Department for Education has approved our application to become a Sponsored Multi-Academy Trust (MAT).


Our successful application drew on our sponsors, The NDA, Sellafield Ltd., and UCLan’s proven commitment and success in creating the fully inclusive, aspirational, high achieving West Lakes Academy, firmly rooted in the local community. Mr Johnson, Principal, said “Our vision is to succeed in ‘Changing Lives through Learning’ by providing such an educational experience for each child that will give them a preparation for life which is excelled by no other institution in the land. This will be our distinction.”


He added “I would like to thank staff, Governors, parents and carers for their engagement in making our Academy such a very special place. Most importantly we would like to thank our wonderful students; they are the very reason why we do what we do. They are our best ambassadors and it’s their attitude to learning coupled with our transformational improvement in standards which we are sure cemented the belief in our ability to be a MAT.”

West Lakes Student Photograph used by Hunter Wellingtons

Our year 7 student Phoebe and her mother have recently had one of their photographs used by Hunter Wellingtons to promote their footwear. Please click here to view the story on the News & Star website.




Leave of Absence in Term Time

Please click here to find recently updated information provided by Children’s Services about Absence in School Term Time.

Year 10 Parents’ Evening

Year 10 Parents’ Evening

Due to unforeseen circumstances the year 10 parents evening will now take place on Thursday 16th November 2017. Requested appointments will still stand and appointment times will be issued in due course. Sorry for any inconvenience