In English lessons this term, students have had the opportunity to apply for a Blue Peter badge. Blue Peter offer different badges for children to apply for, such as a green badge for writing to them about environmental issues, and a purple badge for viewers who write a review of a Blue Peter episode. This fitted in with English lessons this term as Year 7 have been learning how to write a review of a play, and Year 8 were learning how to write a campaign and persuade their reader to be involved with an environmental issue of their choice.

Mrs Freestone said, “All students were set the task of writing a letter to Blue Peter and I posted them in the hope that some of our students would be awarded with the badge. I’m delighted that such a large number of both Year 7 and 8 students have gained a badge. Pupils were excited to receive badges and they are proudly wearing them on their blazers. I’m jealous that I’m now too old to be able to apply for my own badge!”