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This website conforms to the primary guidelines as stipulated by W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative. To learn more about this initiative, please visit thier website by clicking on the following link:

All pages on this site have been tested against these guidelines and passed, other than when the page contains rich multimedia content such as the Flip Book pages for the Prospectus and Newsletter, where criteria such as "alternative text for images" cannot be used.

You are able to change the size of the font so the text is easier for you to read. This can either be done using your web browser settings, or you can use the "Text Size" links at the footer of every page. When you change the text size via your browser's settings, the change will apply to every site you visit until you change the setting back. If you use the links at the bottom of the page, only the text on this site will be affected.

Access Keys

Access keys allow you to use your keyboard to go to the core sections of our website. Our access keys are as follows:

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