West Lakes Academy uniform

Students are expected to dress according to the academy uniform at all times. Students at West Lakes wear their uniform with pride, and we expect everyone to dress smartly at all times.

The West Lakes Academy uniform comprises:
– Black eco blazer with academy logo
– Black formal dress trousers
– White blouse or shirt
– Academy year group tie
– Grey academy pullover or cardigan (optional)
– Flat black shoes (not trainers)
– Black socks or opaque tights
– Plain black belt
– Any T-shirts worn underneath shirts should not be visible
– Skirts should be black, knee length and worn with black opaque tights

PE Kit
– Unisex academy PE shirt, choice of short or long sleeves
– Black shorts
– Black skort (female)
– Black socks
-*NEW* PE hoody (optional)

The academy will provide aprons in science, technology and art to protect the uniform in these subject areas.

It is recommended that students bring outdoor coats.

Additional Information
– Light make up will be allowed
– A maximum of one small stud in each ear will be allowed, but no other body piercing(s).
– Baseball caps are not allowed at any time
– Denim or leather jackets are not allowed in the academy.
– Extremes of style and colour with regards to hair and extremes of clothing styles will not be allowed.
– No visible tattoos
– Students not in the correct uniform will be sent home or placed in the Inclusion Centre for their learning until they return to acceptable uniform

Instructions for ordering uniform 

The only item of uniform that will be available to purchase from the academy will be a tie.  This can be purchased from the academy reception at a cost of £5.50.

To order all other uniform and for uniform queries, please visit

When first using their website, you will need to register as a customer.  This can be done by clicking on the ‘Sign In’ tab and clicking on ‘Register now’ where you will complete a registration template.  Please remember your details as you will need to use them whenever you next log in to the website.

In order to start ordering, click on ‘Senior Shop’ at the top of the page, or under the Categories at the left hand side of the page and click on the West Lakes Academy logo.  All our uniform will then be displayed, and it is a case of following through the order as with other internet shopping.

Please note we have 2 new items of uniform; a girls’ fitted style PE polo top and a unisex hoody which may be worn only for P.E.  You have the choice to add your child’s surname only to the back of the hoody for an additional £3.00.  We are sorry but we cannot permit nicknames or forenames to be used.

The compulsory items that you can only buy from Identity remain the same; a blazer, a tie, and a PE top (this does not include the hoody).  Other items which are not compulsory but must be purchased from Identity are the PE hoody, PE skort and knitwear.  All other items such as trousers and shirts can be bought from any supplier you choose, as long as they conform to our uniform policy. No other supplier is entitled to use our logo, sell our blazers, ties, knitwear, PE tops, PE hoody or PE skort.

When you have chosen your items and are ready to buy, click on:

  • ‘Display basket’
  • ‘Check out’ and follow the screens through the ‘Realex Payments’ screen (ensure to tick the general terms and conditions box.)
  • if you are ordering a hoody and wish to add your child’s surname on the back please add it in the ‘order and delivery comments’ box.
  • click on Buy now, and complete the payment process.

If you have any difficulty, please phone Identity on 01229 823584, or email them at admin@identity.co.uk.  Please do not email or phone the academy for ordering queries.

Orders will be dispatched to the academy where they will be distributed on a weekly basis.  Please allow 10 days for your order to arrive.

Uniform can be ordered at any time of year, but a full day sales event will also be held at the academy in June each year.  Details of the date and arrangements will be available nearer the time.