About the Scheme
Over the last few years, technology has moved on leaps and bounds and profound new opportunities for education have emerged. Communication is changing, methods of learning and working are evolving, and if we want our young people to be prepared for the opportunities and challenges they will face, we at the academy must evolve too.

Children spend a lot of time at school, but the learning that takes place at home is also extremely important to their future success. New technology, such as tablet devices, gives us the ability to make learning more engaging and more effective in the classroom, and the opportunity to extend learning beyond it, out into the community.

Join the Scheme (Incoming Year 7 September 2018)
The portal for Ipads for students joining West lakes Academy in September 2018 is now open

The scheme provides the iPad, protective case, insurance (accidental damage and theft) warranty and all the software including the apps we use in the academy. This year we are introducing a five year scheme because we know that it is very important to have a good, reliable device with a good battery life.

This year the scheme will be a five year programme to ensure that students have access to a good specification device throughout their Years 7 to 11 at the Academy.

There will be an initial 3 year iPad which will then be replaced at the start of Year 10 with a new device for the following 2 years. The initial iPad will be handed at the end of the first three year period with the residual value of this device being used to reduce the cost of the whole scheme.

We would like everyone to get registered by July 16 2018 please. If you are registered by this date we guarantee that you will get your new iPad at the beginning of September.

The iPads will be available for collection on the second day of term in September.

The monthly donation will be £14 per month, for the initial three years of the scheme. Alternatively you can pay a single payment lump sum of £470. We anticipate the donation for the following 2 years to be similar.

We appreciate that this is a significant financial commitment and do not want any student to not have access to their own iPad, so please ask if you would like to discuss how the academy can help

Please contact Mr Lester if you have any queries:-

01946 820356


The portal address is


Please follow this link to the portal.

The steps are then as follows:

Please entre the registration issued to you by your school / college. Enter the code wla2018

Select the ipad by clicking on the iPad shown. This is the iPad 6th Gen 32GB

Insurance/Contribution options: use the drop down menu to select either

  • Single payment – 36 months payment which will be a donation of £470 lump sum, or
  • 36 months contribution which will be 36 monthly donations of £14 per month (total cost of £504)

Then click on the blue ‘Continue’ box

Contribution agreement – please read this and then click in the check box ‘I have read and agree to the terms and conditions in the contribution agreement’ Then click on the blue ‘Continue’ box

Account details – select ‘Create account’ enter your name (first name and surname), email address (which will then be your username in future when you need to login) and set up your password – this is your own password so you are free to use any password you wish. Make sure to take a note of the password because you will need it when you need to login to the portal in future. Then enter your date of birth. Then click on the blue ‘Create Account’ box. If you have already got an account (for example if you have already got a child at West Lakes Academy in an older year group and therefore used the portal in previous years) and cannot remember your details then please contact cpu@cpu.co.uk  who will give you your account details or they can reset your account for you.

Order details – Enter student details: leave tutor group blank if you do not know it, Year is 7, name then the parent / carer name and address details. When complete click on the blue ‘Next section’ box.

Payment Details – complete the direct debit details. You can fill this in on line – it is a secure site compliant with the banking regulations. You can select the date that the direct debit is to be taken – this can be the 5th, 15th or 25th of the month; it is completely your choice. Or if you prefer you can request a printable direct debit form which then needs to be completed and returned.

Place Order – When everything on the portal is completed and correct click on the blue ‘Place Order’ box. You will receive an email confirmation, and so will the academy.

Thank you

If you have any queries please contact Mr Stephen Lester or Mrs Jill Davnall on 01946 820356

iPad Payments
Payments are collected on behalf of the academy by the following organisations.  If you have any problems with your direct debits, please use the following contacts:

For Year 7 (2018) and any other new member joining the scheme in September 2018- CPU on 0345 8722 156

For Year 8 (and other year groups starting a new scheme in September 2017) Tech4learners on 0203 857 5632

For Year 9 CPU on 0345 8722 156

For Years 10 to 11 Learning Foundation on 01344 636413

Care for Your iPad
Frequently Used Apps
The Story So Far
Assistant Principal, Mr Simpson recently discussed the academy’s use of tablet technology alongside academy students during a Facebook Live broadcast. You can watch the video here.