About the Scheme
Over the last few years, technology has moved on leaps and bounds and profound new opportunities for education have emerged. Communication is changing, methods of learning and working are evolving, and if we want our young people to be prepared for the opportunities and challenges they will face, we at the academy must evolve too.

Children spend a lot of time at school, but the learning that takes place at home is also extremely important to their future success. New technology, such as tablet devices, gives us the ability to make learning more engaging and more effective in the classroom, and the opportunity to extend learning beyond it, out into the community.

Join the Scheme (Incoming Year 7 September 2017)
iPad Payments
Payments are collected on behalf of the academy by the following organisations.  If you have any problems with your direct debits, please use the following contacts:

For Year 7 (and other year groups starting a new scheme in September 2017) Tech4learners on 0203 857 5632

For Year 8 CPU on 0345 8722 156

For Years 9 to 11 Learning Foundation on 01344 636413

Care for Your iPad
Insurance Claims
The claims process depends upon which year group your child is in.

Year 7 2017-18 ipads – please contact Network Support.

There are two systems for older year groups. For Year 8 2017-18 students and Year 9 2017-18 students please follow the correct link below:

Insurance Claims process for Year 8 2017-18 students

Insurance Claims process for Year 9 2017-18 students

Compucover Claim Form

Frequently Used Apps
The Story So Far
Assistant Principal, Mr Simpson recently discussed the academy’s use of tablet technology alongside academy students during a Facebook Live broadcast. You can watch the video here.