Students honoured at annual awards

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School performance tables 2017

The academy has placed in the top four non-selective schools in Cumbria.


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RT @KenziEnglish01: Another productive day with @WLAMediaStudies. Goal achieved after all the deadline stress! Feel good seeing my name her…

RT @CartwrightWLA: Alex is currently checking if his lifeless casualty "Larry" is breathing before performing CPR @WestLakesAcad #WLASMSCDa

RT @CartwrightWLA: Last group of the day ready to save their "Larry' s" if necessary #WLASMSCDay2017 #handsonlycpr @WestLakesAcad https://t…

RT @CartwrightWLA: 5th group ready for an unconscious casualty amazing group of life savers 👌🏼 #WLASMSCDay2017 @WestLakesAcad

RT @WLAMediaStudies: Why not check out the Academy's special edition newspaper in honour of #WLASMSCDay2017

RT @WLAMediaStudies: Year 9s practicing in the music department. They're naturals. #WLASMSCDay2017

Beth Ponting (9CM) is the Principal’s Learner of the Week. @WLARewards

RT @CartwrightWLA: Our second group cpr ready for any emergencies they may come across over summer #staysafe #smscday2017 #WLASMSCDay2017 @…

36 riders recently participated in the 3rd Tour de Mont: @Westlakes_PE

RT @Cjackson19Wcmec: Great day with pupils from @WestLakesAcad today looking at what to do if you are first on scene at an accident. Buckl…

RT @Westlakes_PE: WOW, could not be prouder of all the girls. We made it to the FINAL!! Lost 8-3 in that game but our heads are held high.…

RT @WestLakesMaths: Year 8 with their CPR certificates and bands #smscday2017

RT @WLAMediaStudies: #WLASMSCDay2017 the newspaper and media team are getting footage of the day this morning for special edition paper and…

RT @MusicWLA: Mr. Williams' last album of the week is David Bowie's 1977 release, "Heroes". #WLAMusic #albumoftheweek

RT @MusicWLA: The last #FridayLive of the year was killer, thanks guys (complete with sassy hair flick from India 💁) #WLAMusic

RT @WestLakesMaths: Congratulations to our Maths Learners of the Week@wlarewards

RT @set_guy_steve: @WLA_RockChall @WHARockChal 6 out of 13 in the 'on the night' categories @WLA_RockChall You have achieved so much this y…

RT @EnglishWLA: Miss Capstick with her old tutor group at last night's Y13 ball. Will always be 'A for awesome'. Super proud of them all. #…

RT @WLA_RockChall: We have been nominated for a number of National Awards for 2017!!!! #teamWLA

RT @MrTebay: Thanks @WestLakesAcad for all the support, had a fantastic day at my graduation. 🎓


Principal’s Learner of the Week

Beth Ponting (9CM) is the Principal’s Learner of the Week.

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Summer Term Ends

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Tour de Mont 2017

Students participate in the 3rd Tour de Mont.

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Year 11 Prom

Year 11 students celebrate the end of school and the end of exams.

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Annual Awards Evening 2017

Students honoured at annual awards evening.

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Blue Peter Badge Winners

Almost 80 students have been awarded with Blue Peter badges.

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